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Last Update 1/1/2014

Doran 'Plans Built' Reverse Trike Design / Gas or Electric Version

Designer, Rick G. Doran, conceived this state-of-the-art three wheel sports car, then spent the next six years developing, refining and testing the design.  It's one of the most thoroughly tested plans-built cars around.  The Doran is a front-wheel-drive (FWD) design that uses the entire drivetrain from a 1980-89 Subaru Hatchback.  An electric conversion is also available.  Purchase his plans and build it yourself.  Other Reverse Trike designs are available from such as the new XR3 Hybrid Kit shown on his site.

Robert Q. Riley Enterprises
P.O. Box 14465
Phoenix, AZ 85063
1.800.230.2855 - Toll Free
623.872.8010 - Direct
623.872.3476 - Fax


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